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What makes the Zip Line Fun the World’s safest zip line?

We have designed our trolleys so there is no metal on metal contact with the cable. Our trolley handles are made from advanced polymer with a breaking point of 3250 lbs. Our bearings are encased with high performance nylon. This ensures that the cable will never come into contact with metal. Therefore the cable will not fray and become weakened or even worse, completely fail and break.

Why is Zip Line Fun the World’s best backyard zip line?

We have been creating industry defining products for over 35 years. When it comes to delivering high quality outdoor and backyard fun, no one can match our experience and skill.


What size zip line systems are offered?

                We offer 4 different zip lines systems!

1)      ZLX – 90’ Zip Line – comes with 94’ of cable and one 4’ cable sling.

2)      ZL90 – 90’ Zip Line – comes with 94’ of cable and one 4’ cable sling.

3)      ZL70 – 70’ Zip Line – comes with 74’ of cable and one 4’ cable sling.

4)      ZL35 – 35’ Zip Line – comes with 39’ of cable.


Why is the length of cable that comes with a zip line system longer than the stated length of the zip line?

Additional length of cable is provided so you have extra cable to go around the circumference of your tree. This will allow you to actually have a 90’ zip line when you are buying the ZL90!


What are the breaking strengths on your cable?

                Our 90’ cable has a breaking strength of 2600 lbs

                Our 70’ cable has a breaking strength of 1700 lbs

                Our 35’ cable has a breaking strength of 1700 lbs



What is the definition of breaking strength?


Breaking strength is the greatest stress especially in tension that a material is capable of withstanding without rupture.



What is Safe Working Load?

The Safe Working Load of a line is the load that can be applied without causing any kind of damage to the wire rope. The safe working load is five times less the breaking strength.

All of our Zip Lines have a weigh limit below the safe working load. So if you follow our weight limit guidelines, then you will never cause damage to your cable.


What is Aircraft Cable?

All of our Zip Line Systems come with Galvanized Aircraft Cable (GAC). Aircraft cable is strands, cords and wire rope made of special-strength wire, designed primarily for use in aircraft industry and military applications. We use 7x7 GAC for all of our zip lines. The 7X7 GAC is durable, highly flexible and abrasion resistant. It's general purpose is for stength, flexibily and tensioning.


What is the size of your cable?

                Our 90’ cable is 3/16”

                Our 70’ cable is 3/16”

                Our 35’ cable is 1/8”



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